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 The prices of our maltese puppies for sale reflect the quality of our breeding, the commitment we have to the Maltese breed in terms of time and financial investment, our continual improvement of our maltese breeding stock, and the care and concern we have for each of our maltese puppies for sale, their parents, and the puppies' new owners.  As experienced Maltese breeders in Illinois, we are committed to raising a quality Maltese puppy who will become a special part of its new family.

We have sold our maltese puppies to many states within the United States, but we have especially noticed interest in our maltese puppies for sale in New York.  We would love to visit with New York families and add them to our extended family!  If anyone is interested in our maltese puppies for sale in New York, we would be happy to visit with you about their personalities, send extra photos, or even send a short video clip so that you can get a feel for what personality your maltese puppy has.  It is our hope that more people in the state of New York will find our website, view our maltese puppies for sale, and ultimately purchase one of our maltese puppies!

We also continue to get increased interest in the California area.  People seem interested in our maltese puppies for sale in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  People in the California area are having trouble finding local breeders and have begun to choose hand delivery, or are flying in themselves to pick up their maltese puppy.  Through a couple different options of pick up or delivery, we are able to make our maltese puppies for sale available to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego residents.  Feel free to give us a call...we'd love to hear from you!





































Maltese Puppies for Sale

This maltese puppy for sale was born on February 16th.  He will be ready for his new home after April 27th.

Click here to see Sammy's video

Reserved for Miles & Elliot!!!










































Customer Testimonial:

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say what a wonderful addition Jedi, our maltese puppy has been for our family.  [Our maltese puppy] is such a smart, well-tempered puppy. Even though we've only had him for 8 months, we can't imagine our family without him.


The Horne family



Thank you for inquiring about our AKC registered Maltese Puppies for sale.  Each of our maltese puppies come with a one year health guarantee, AKC registration papers and a puppy care package.  They are current on their vaccinations and have been given the best of preventative veterinary care.  

Our Maltese puppies are from lines carefully chosen not only for their good health, but also for their great temperament and well-bred Maltese look.  I own both the father and mother of our maltese puppies, and in some cases, owned their grandparents and great-grandparents as well.Our maltese puppies for sale have sweet personalities, adorable faces, and good health.  We've done the best that we can for our maltese puppies from birth until they are ready to go home, and we only want buyers that are ready to do the best for our maltese puppies after they go home.  We are willing to take the time with our new owners should they need help or advice after they have adopted one of our maltese puppies for sale, whether it be in the first few weeks or years later. If you are interested in purchasing a Maltese puppy, please email or call me.  Tell me about your family and what traits you are looking for in a maltese puppy.  Let me know your experience, if any, with obedience training.  You are welcome to come visit our maltese puppies for sale and their parents. We do not make any Sunday appointments.


Male vs Female
Choosing the right Maltese puppy for sale for your family is a big decision.  What are you looking for in a new Maltese puppy?  Do you want a Maltese puppy that snuggles with you on the couch?  Do you want a Maltese puppy that romps in the yard or wants to go on walks?  Do you want a Maltese puppy that is outgoing?  These are all things to be considered before you choose the right Maltese puppy for sale for your family.

The most common questions we get are:  "Are male Maltese puppies more lovable and loyal?"  or "Are female Maltese puppies more cuddly?"  My answer is always "no"!  If your Maltese puppy is spayed or neutered, then the male or female tendencies will not be obvious.  I will have very snuggly and loyal male Maltese puppies, and I will have very snuggly and loyal female Maltese puppies.  I can also have independent and outgoing male Maltese puppies and independent and outgoing female Maltese puppies.

Every Maltese puppy carries its own personality.  Our job is to make sure the right personalities in our Maltese puppies match up with the right personalities in their new families.  There is the perfect home out there for every Maltese puppy for sale and the perfect maltese puppy for every home.  Our advice would be to ignore the gender of your Maltese puppy and take a closer look at their personality.


If you are interested in purchasing a Sunrise Maltese puppy from a future litter,  please email or fax me an application to be placed on my waiting list.  I will notify each applicant when a maltese puppy matching their criteria is available in the order the applications were received.  

email or call Sunrise Maltese  

  Sunrise Maltese Puppy Application

 Steps to Purchase Your Maltese Puppy from Sunrise Maltese

*Select the maltese puppy you are interested in from the “Puppies for Sale” page, and fill out an application.  On the application, let me know what you are looking for in your next puppy so I can help you choose the maltese puppy who will best fit your needs.

*Feel free to call us at 815.848.4354 or email to confirm availability and answer any questions you have about the puppy.  

*If the maltese puppy for sale is less than eight (8) weeks old, we require a nonrefundable deposit to hold your puppy in the amount of  $500.  If the maltese puppy is over eight (8) weeks old, we require the purchase price to be paid in full.  Illinois sales tax will be collected.  (If your puppy is shipped to you, we will not collect Illinois sales tax).  Your payment options are cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

*You must then decide whether you will pick-up the  maltese puppy or have it hand delivered to a major airport near you.  We will gladly make all flight arrangements for your puppy’s arrival.  We will need to know what dates and times work for you to pick up your maltese puppy when we arrive at the airport.

*The puppy's AKC registration papers will transferred  to the new owner at the time the puppy goes home.

*We will send you the puppy’s guarantee, vaccination record, puppy care information and the purchase agreement for you to read and sign.

*We are available to answer any questions or provide support for your new maltese puppy as he or she grows.  You can call us, email us, or send a letter.  Don’t forget to send pictures!


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